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Hello. Been a while.
Yes, I am still alive.

A random titbit: I am Libra, almost Scorpion. And boy does this make for fascinating combination. I am both, to a certain degree.

I'm into photography lately. I think I'm even improving. Progress!
I'll upload some things, soon-ish.

The drawing tablet? Yeah, have it. But haven't used it much, which is bad, yes. I'll get to it. Eventually.
Got sidetracked into learning languages. And photography.

Hopefully I'll be around more often. As an active community participant I mean.

P.S. Werewolves are awesome


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Anastasiia Shevchuk

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memod Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Professional
большое спасибо, Анастазия! :aww: я рад, что моя картина тебе понравилась! =]

надеюсь, что у тебя была хорошая неделя? =]

...кошка, а? :lol:
QuirkyCat Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
UKR - Випадково натрапила на картину в якійсь з колекцій =) В ній стільки деталей! А які кольори! Мушу зізнатися, не одразу помітила повішених.
RUS - Случайно нашла картину в какой-то из коллекций =) В ней столько деталей! А какие цвета! Должна признаться, не сразу заметила повешенных.
ENG - I have accidentally found the painting in some collection =) So many details! And such colours! I must say, I did not notice the hanged men at first.

UKR - У вас пречудова галерея.
RUS - У вас замечательная галерея.
ENG - Yours is a wonderful gallery.

UKR - Тиждень видався дещо дивним, але напрочуд чудовим.
RUS - Неделя выдалась нескоко станная, но на удивление прекрасная.
ENG - The week was rather peculiar but oddly wonderful.

UKR - У вас, сподіваюся, тиждень був надзвичайний (в хорошому сенсі).
RUS - У вас, надеюсь, неделя была необычайной (в хорошем смысле).
ENG - I hope you had an incredible week (in a good sense).

RUS - ЗАМЕТКИ к прочтению. Сперва написано на моём родном языке - украинском. В украинском языке буква 'і' читается как русское 'и'; буква 'и' - как русское 'ы'; буква 'е' - как русское 'э'; буквосочетание 'ьо' читается как русская буква 'ё' в слове 'лён'.

ENG - NOTES for reading. First is written in my native tongue - Ukrainian. In Ukrainian letter 'і' reads like Russian 'и'; letter 'и' - like Russian 'ы'; letter 'е' - like Russian 'э'; the combination of letters 'ьо' reads like Russian letter 'ё' in the word 'лён'.

RUS - Примите мои извинения за столь странную форму сообщения-ответа. Вы меня ввели в некоторое замешательство. Мне необходимо было выбрать, на каком языке отвечать.
ENG - Please accept my apology for such a strange way of answering. You rather had me stumped. I had to chose which language to use in writing my answer.

RUS - Кошка, кошка. Все мы женщины - кошки, разве не так?
ENG - All of us women are cats, are we not?

RUS - Переменчивы, по-своему дикие, неприрученные. Мягкие и пушистые, но с когтями и нравом.
ENG - Fickle, wild in our own way, untamed. Soft and fluffy, but with claws and a temper.

RUS - Впрочем, здесь несколько другое.
ENG - However, here it's something other than that.
RUS - Здесь Нечто. Увы моих скромных способностей не хватает на достойную визуальную передачу. =)
ENG - Here it's something Else. Unfortunately, my humble talents prevent me from providing an adequate depiction. =)

I apologise again for the very strange and rather long answer.
One must make do with living with their quirks, I'm afraid. :D (Big Grin) 
memod Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Professional
привееет и спасибо за ваш ответ =] и не бойтесь за форму ответа. мне было очень интересно! хаха, для меня это было первый урок украинского языка моего жизни :lol: на всякий случай было неожиданно :D и интересно! но сперва мне надо учить русский :lol:
и мне понравилось ваше объяснение женщин - и, конечно, кошек. :giggle:

в целом моя неделя была приятна. работал, видел мои друзья, пошёл в кафе чтобы рисовать...только погода плохая. А почему ваша неделя была странная? что сделала её прекрасная? =]
QuirkyCat Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
I could go digging for excuses why I didn't reply sooner, but I won't. That feels like an insult about to happen.
So here is this instead:
The weirdness - long stretch of holidays and the follow-up recovery. And going back to work.
The wonderful - good books, lots of sleep, excellent music (three cheers for New Year gift of nice acoustic system - it has lights, and it water-dances courtesy of sound shockwaves, AND while not very loud it sounds excellent - that's kind of shocking; it's supposed to be a novelty thing, I think? Anyway, it looks and sounds nice, and the light effects are awesome in the dark, especially on my ceiling)

Oh. Whoops?
I think it's a case of "I would have written a shorter letter if I had more time". I didn't exactly mean to wax poetics about technology. Sorry.
And it's in English! Not exactly good for practising Russian, is it? Sorry about that.

Feel free to poke and pester me about some Russian practice. Though I cannot guarantee quick replies
Hope you are doing well
Good luck
TerribleTer Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
Thanks for adding me to your DA Watch!  I really appreciate it!
DubuGomdori Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
⦁    Care for a rose? Be careful you may get pricked. In the Game Of Thrones that could become your death. Hahaha thanks for the fave
 Dubugomdori TheReach Image03 Compilation by DubuGomdori
carlywilliamson Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014   Photographer
Thank you very much for :+fav: 'ing my work :blowkiss:
gil251998 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tnx for the fav!
Lormet-Images Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you so much for adding one of my stock photos of an "interior of an old ranch bunkhouse" to your collection, I really appreciate it! :)
HermitCrabStock Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Thank-you by kmygraphicfor the watch! :hug:
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